Monograms & Animated Projections

Monograms are a great way to personalise and style your wedding, celebration, or corporate event. Thanks to modern technology we can project monograms, images, video, and scenery onto virtually ANY surface. Imagine a wedding monogram on ‘YOUR’ dancefloor or as your wedding top table backdrop or Big Ben counting down and fireworks lighting up the ceiling on New Year’s Eve.

With PCR Events Monograms & Projections service you can do this… and so much more. Monograms can be animated move around the room, show scenes, clips videos. The possibilities are almost endless. Here are some of the amazing things we can do with Monograms and Projections.

  • Personalised monogram for your wedding or celebration.
  • 2D or 3D animation.
  • Wedding / Party Backdrop.
  • Picture / Movie slide shows.
  • Themed scenery projections for venue and event styling.
  • Company logo or branding at corporate events.

We have a large number of standard design templates which can be personalised just for you. Looking for something different and unique? Our design team at PCR Events can plan and design your monogram or animation just for your event or celebration. Contact us for more information design ideas and examples of how Monograms and Projections will add a real ‘Wow’ factor to your upcoming celebration.

Animated Wedding Monograms
James Bond themed animation for Christmas Party Nights
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