Light up Letters, Numbers & ‘LOVE’

Letters are a great way to personalise any celebration. Standing tall they can be used as a centrepiece or backdrop for any room decoration. They are filled with LED bulbs which can be used to provide atmospheric lighting and are a great photo opportunity.

We have virtually every letter and number combination available so whatever you are celebrating, this simple, cost-effective and stunning option is a great addition to any event.

The options available are: –

  • ‘LOVE’
  • ‘MR & MRS’
  • ‘#’ Hashtag. (Great option for corporate events and businesses)
  • White or Coloured lamps available. (LED lamps stay cool)
  • White or Rustic Letter options

The letters can be combined with other items from PCR Events venue decorations and special effects services. They look amazing with the Spark Fountains. What about a photo opportunity in front of the letters whilst it is raining Confetti? You could combine your new married surname with our Star-lit backdrop and Twinkly Star-Lit dance floor for your white wedding! Our events design team will help you design an amazing look for your celebration.

Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, whatever the event we have the letters and numbers for it.

For more information about our Light up Letters, you can contact us on 01254 660231 or email

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